Yep, We Have Reached Peak Beard.

When beards become too popular, they are less attractive to people, according to scientists.

No joke, it’s like that with everything you know that, you don’t want to be the same you grew this beard to be different, to stand out didn’t you. Yep when beards are common, people consider them to be less attractive, according to the study in the biology letters by a team of scientific researches from a creditable university.

“The more popular the trend gets, the weaker the preference for beards becomes, we may well be at PEAK BEARD.” Say Scientists.

Yep that’s right you sissy, take that in. “PEAK BEARD.” Gently stroke your beloved face pubes and take a deep breath. You sir are no longer the cool guy. In fact, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if your woman has been sleeping around with shaved men for some time now, I bet she’s sick of that nasty food catcher of yours being rubbed all over her body.

Before you run off and hack your beard off with any old razor and start going through her phone like a possessive weirdo, why don’t you remain calm and reserved think about this for a second.. Why not simply up your game. That’s right Please Shave, and do it right, do it like a man and get back to the top of the mountain without being a child about it, and without the full-face bush.

Think about it, that guy that can’t even grow a beard probably has had his face in more twats last week that you could even conceive, one of them might even be your lady….

Studies of popular magazines, like the ones your wife reads that have the sex tips all over the cover.. Show that of the 100 most sexy celebrity men less than half of them have facial hair, and only around 6 of those 50 sexiest celebrity men with facial hair have a full beard at all, more likely just a manicured Shadow of brisk sharp but groomed stubble that says I stayed up all night in my penthouse hotel with my face between your woman’s legs. Guess what he will shave that shit off smooth and do the same thing night after night.

A study last year shows that women found faces with heavy stubble, light stubble, or no facial hair at all to be more attractive than heavy beards. While MEN said full beards were the most attractive looks.

So, if you are trying to attract another fellow dude with this bearded courtship of yours well then you sir are doing an excellent job.

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