#PleaseShave with a straight razor…

#PleaseShave with a straight razor….

It would be short-sighted to profess that the only reason to use a cut-throat razor is for the macho man randy savage snap into a slim Jim feeling that accompanies it, but it is a bonus, and your beard is retarded bro. All the ladies are swiping left when they see… or well can’t see your face due to the tangled mess of what has scientifically been proven as the equivalent to feces containing face pubes covering up your good looking mug.

Nobody can really criticize you or think you weird upon finding out that you shave the old-fashioned way, if they do, you can just drop the “manliness” card firmly in their lap.

Still, like I said, it is not just for renewed respect for yourself and your bro-chacho’s that you should consider replacing your not-so-manly Modern cartridge razor, there are in fact numerous advantages to a straight razor, and kicking that beard to the curb.

The Advantages of a Straight Razor Shave:

  • A superior shave. There is absolutely no doubt that a straight razor shave is going to be way better than any other. The thing to remember is that your goal for the first shave is to complete the shave, and end up with minimal damage to one’s self. After a couple shaves you will decide that you might try other blades, you might look to grab some other shave soaps, and your skill will get better and better if you have grit and stick with it. If you can’t handle the blade with respect, patients, skill, common sense and you are over all just plain stupid you will get cut sucka, if you get cut that’s your own damn fault and the gene pool has been cleansed of a weak link.
  • No more razor burn, less ingrown hairs, Reduced shave related acne flair ups, shave related irritation and over all better for sensitive skin. The razor blade itself being a sharper more direct contact with more maneuverability, Not to mention the shave soap selection literally tons of great soaps out there that beat the hell out of barbasol or whatever toxic mass-produced crap your putting on your face.
  • A ton of money saved. Now a quality traditional straight razor, strope and honing that razor is a bit of investment but will be over all the cheapest and hands down best way to shave. Honing a nice razor is a craft all its own. We really like to introduce new shavers into a replaceable blade razor body and help them find the blade that works best for them. Replaceable blades are cheap around $10 will get you around 300 shaves normally around 3 shaves a blade and 100 blades in a box. Here is one of our kits, all together this kit costs as much as a big box store pack of 5 razors for a modern brand:
  • A relaxing past-time created. It’s not as fast that’s for sure, but not everything in life is better when faster. Satisfaction and enjoyment Learning a Skill. That will prove worthy of conversation with any tinder hook up.
  • Impressive looking tools in your bachelor pad lavatory sure to get the ladies warmed up for some Netflix and chill.

Grab one of our replaceable blade razor kits, give it a try then come back and buy some good shave soap and try out other brand razors, You will be hooked and you won’t ever touch your face with a razor that’s for shaving hair off a ladies leg again. 

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